Grademaster Centering Tool

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Through our partnership, we are now offering THE ORIGINAL GRADEMASTER. This comes with a promise that you will not find better quality or accuracy anywhere. ENHANCE YOUR CHANCES AT THAT HIGH TPG (PSA BGS GAI SGC) CARD GRADE WITH THE ORIGINAL GRADEMASTER CARD CENTERING TOOL!! 

This tool can be used with the proprietary centering calculator sheet to decide whether you should send your trading/sports/role playing cards (standard 2.5 x 3.5 inch, includes Pokemon) in to the third party grading companies to bump your collectible's value up.

Easy to use - simply center the card under the clear, graduated template, read off the numbers for the worst centering from either top to bottom, or side to side; and look on the calculator sheet to estimate your card's centering.

Because third party grading is extremely subjective, no tool will always measure exactly as the grader does, but through extensive testing, we have proven this tool to be very close 100% of the time and always conservative to actually measuring with a ruler. 

This tool will therefore save you time and money when trying to decide which cards to send in and spend those valuable grading fees on.

The proprietary Grademaster Card Centering Tool and calculator are both encased in thick laminate to ensure many years of use. A laminated directions card will also be included with your purchase