About Us- Why Gem Mint?

Gem Mint Photography was founded by an avid card collector who envisions himself (and many others in the industry) turning this hobby into a full time career or legitimate income stream. Being able to buy and flip cards at scale is something that can net tens of thousands of dollars a year, which is life changing for lots of people.

Now, here comes Gem Mint. What we sell at Gem Mint is not just tangible products. While these products certainly can increase profits and put more money back into your pocket, what we really sell is a mindset change. I used to think that sports cards was simply a hobby. But what I now realize is that sports cards are a scorching hot industry that is here to stay. 

What comes with a scorching hot industry is more competition. And here lies Gem Mint's mission. Our mission at Gem Mint is to help sports card collectors build their dream business.

What purchasing a product from Gem Mint is, is an investment. It is also a leap of faith and mindset change. This shift is looking at our hobby that we love, and taking it seriously and being professional about it. Professionalism can be conveyed through the way you present your business, which is our focus at Gem Mint. It can also be conveyed through many other vehicles, such as; content, the way you treat others, and how you express yourself.

It's a mental barrier for many to truly believe that they can turn a hobby into a profession, but at Gem Mint, it's what we live for.